Monday Night Adventures

Tales & Stories

Herein you will discover tales of all kinds – from horror to hilarity, savage battle to civilized assassination, cunning heroes to dastardly villains.

Players That Be

Fiascos – Stories That End Badly

Deadlands – Go West, Young Man

Board Games – We Play Them

Previous Adventures – This Ain’t Our First Rodeo

The “To Do” List:

Current Needs:

  1. Write Adventure Logs for the 4 Fiascos we’ve played.
  2. Write Summary Bios for each of the players.

Upcoming Needs:

  1. Write Adventure Logs reviewing board games as we play them.
  2. Write Summary Bios for each of the player characters in Deadlands.
    • Also, choose pictures for them, or convince Joel to draw some.
  3. Write Articles for the Tombstone Epitaph detailing the people and things encountered on the posse’s journeys in Deadlands.


Things To Do

Post Character
Write A Log

Things to See

Meet the Posse
Prestige Points
Deadlands Map
RP Aides
News: Epitaph


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