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Okay, you all are probably wondering what the heck is up with this wiki -yet another in a long string of them.

Well, basically, here’s my plan: to centralize all of our games onto a single, massive, interlinked wiki, whether they be extensive campaigns, short run trials of new systems, one-shot adventures, or reviews of board games that we play. Since my thought was to tie everything into this central wiki, I figured it should look flippin’ awesome. Hence, I have put some extra work into coding for it. Turns out making an awesome wiki format is easier than you might think.

Anyway, I hope you like it. Nothing’s permanent yet, of course – this is just what I’ve thrown together in my spare time. I’ll make you all co-GMs, once you’re added, and you can edit the pages either way. Feel free to start editing in lists of games you want to play – I’ll update the wiki as I have time to format everything.

Anyway, this is just an example page for now. I’ll be experimenting with some additional navigation here soon. Also, I just want to remind myself (and let you all know) that each of these boxes can hold between 17 and 18 lines of text before you start drifting into the white. If you post something, and the formatting doesn’t look quite right, you’re certainly welcome to try and fix it. But you can also just email me, and I’ll look at it when I have a moment.

Oh, and each of these boxes appears in the edit box as a set of two div tags, one inside the other. The outer container is the black background image that makes the text readable, and the inner one is – you guess it – the text itself. I needed this second inner container so that I could space the text away from the image’s wispy edges properly.

Here, have an empty box!


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