Sir Oscar Gray's Letter

Salutations and Greetings!

I am writing to you concerning an opportunity for both of us to become very wealthy. I am afraid that we have not had the honour of direct acquaintance as yet – that is to say, I know of you, but you very likely know nothing of me.

My name is Sir Oscar Gray, and I am an Englishman, a financier by trade, come to your country to engage in real estate speculation some years past, and I have had some small success operating here in Dodge City. The reason that I tell you this will shortly become clear. While engaged in my business, I become acquainted with a countryman of mine, a former banker from London. Being fellow expatriates, we naturally become friends and have corresponded over the months since. By now, you must wonder if I will ever come to the point – at last, here is the opportunity I spoke of:

It seems that my friend, the former banker, is the very one mentioned in the article I have enclosed with this letter, and is possessed of a vast fortune which the authorities of two nations are seeking at this very moment. Fortunately for you and I, my friend is also possessed of a daughter whose well being, his own life forfeit to the justice of the English Crown, has become his sole concern in this world. In order that she might be well provided for, he has contacted me with a plan to extract the funds, the money then to be divided to provide his daughter with an ample endowment and to pay dividends to the conspirators – and this is where you come in.

The plan calls for considerable capital up front to cover various bribes, but most of my money is currently tied up in a number of local land investments, and I cannot extract it at the present. My friend met an old contact of yours while in prison it seems, although he does not know the man’s real name – it seems your mutual friend is imprisoned under a false name, to prevent his family suffering for his crimes. However, this friend provided him, and thus me, with the names of several trustworthy individuals, yours among them. I bid you come to Dodge with all haste, and a stake of at least $1000 in cash. My friend will be extradited at the end of the month, so you must contact me no later than the 24th of July if we are to act.

In trust and hope,
Sir Oscar Gray
The Long Branch Hotel Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

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Sir Oscar Gray's Letter

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