Monday Night Adventures

Tombstone Epitaph #42

July, 1879


Sunday, July 6, 1879
Robbery, Fire, in the Heart of Chicago! Bishop Meets Wanted Man, Cuts Unsavory Deal?
The robbery occurred at noon, perpetrated by a gang right out of a bad joke. Two gunmen, two Injuns, a China man, and a black man walk up to a bank – if not for the sheer absurdity, it seems that someone ought to have seen this coming. Dynamite exploded, the city block burned, and at the end of the day, Tens of thousands were stolen and seven men lay dead. One of those murdered at the hands of these ruthless outlaws was our own Sheriff Cunningham, a quick gun hand in his own right. Be warned that these criminals are at-large and extremely dangerous. See within for portraits and the rewards offered for their capture or killing. Interested parties should continue to read this paper for the latest news.
-L. Jepper & J. T.
His Eminance of the local Catholic church recently was seen meeting with an unsavory type. It was later confirmed that the disfigured man seen entering the Cathedral is wanted by the law. Numerous rumors have gone around as to why the Bishop didn’t stop the man and call for the authorities, but no hard facts. Inside sources say that the Bishop made a deal with the man. Well, if the Church is dealing with the Devil, this is nothing new around here. We just thought that they would be a little more discreet.
-Laramy Jepper


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