Small World

Played: Nov 5 Players: Jeremy, Joel, Travis, Connor.
This a delighfully whiscal and decidedly serious game. The game play is never the same each time which makes each game interesting and allows almost infinate replayablity. There are 2 playing boards each with two sides that are marked for 2-5 players. Again making the game more interesting depending upon which board you play. Each player gets to choose from among six starting races each with their own advantages and a randomly chosen special ablility.

The goal is to get as many victory points as possible at the end of the game. You do this through conquring regions of the map and by special ablities. Each race starts out with a certian number of armies that you then need to take control of sections of the board. At the end of your turn you collect your points. Other players can take away regions you control on their turn and you lose at least on army when this happens. At the end of a number of rounds decided by the board you total up all of your points and then declare the victor.

I have enjoyed this game much more than I orgianlly thought I would and look forward to playing many more games in the future and am looking into the expansions.

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Small World

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